Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Week 2: Water Body<br>Suniti Dernovsek

Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Week 2: Water Body
Suniti Dernovsek

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Such a beautiful practice! I feel a little more able to go with the flow of the rhythms of my life. I loved all the water imagery. With gratitude, S
You are welcome Paola E! It is an honor to be here sharing practice. Thank you for this reflection.

Caroline S
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you notice which element you are drawn to, mine is definitely water, lovely practice thank you !
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Caroline S, Yeah me too!  I love connecting to my water body. 
Beatrice C
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thank you for this class Suniti . it was somehow liberating, all this focus on movement really shifted something inside of me, a few tears also came out at the end, thank you
Thank you for this reflection Beatrice ! I love that you followed the shifts and found some subtle movement. 
Carole T
Felt strength and intention is ease...thank you 🙏 💖✨
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