Yin Yoga: Neck & Throat Release<br>Jeanne Korn

Yin Yoga: Neck & Throat Release
Jeanne Korn

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Susan R
Lovely for my neck and spine .  Thank you
Oh wonderful Susan!  Yes, I find that these poses help to give space to the whole side body is such a gentle and sweet way!  Thankyou for sharing your feedback:)
Susan R
Viparita Karani 🙏is a favorite
Yes me too Susan!  Glad you enjoyed the practice!
Peter Ferber
After spending a week in heart practice, I'm finding the beauty of going up the elevator one floor, to the throat chakra.  This, too, is welcoming and juicy.  A perfect place to find expressiveness, for an upcoming job interview later today.  Thank you. 
Thnakyou Peter!  Enjoy the journey!
Peter Ferber
Thanks, Jeanne.  At dinner time, my family has formed the habit of expressing our gratitude for whatever inspires us.  Jeanne, your practice regularly gets a high rating, and so do you.  Thank you for the depths of your practice and the places it enables me to visit regularly.  PS: Today's interview went awesomely! 
Wendie Heijmer-Arendse
Very nice and relaxing practice, many thanks!

Maria O
I love your rythm; it helps me relax
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