Peter Ferber

At the age of 29, I used Yoga, acupuncture, music, and Chinese herbs to cure me of cancer; and I have been a devote of yin yoga for the last several years. In recent years yin yoga has controlled and offset hypertension. With yin practice, the practicioners use time and gravity as principle allies in the quest to increase flexibility, transform cortisol (the stress hormone) into something beneficial, and use the parasympathetic nervous system to repair and heal mind, body, and soul.

Favorite teachers from this site include Melina Mezza, Kira Sloane, Alana Mitnick, and Jeanne Korn. ~ Peter Ferber


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I'm: a Man - 65 Years Old
Where I Live: El Cerrito, CA

My Yoga Journey

Years of Yoga Experience: 20+
Practice Frequency: Twice a week


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