Joyful Flow: Heat it Up
Wade Gotwals

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“boot camp”. 😱. When I read this description, I set right out to avoid this one for a week LOL. Today I finally decided to give it a go...I modified a bit here and there with my blocks (and I enjoyed watching YOU do your side crow while I sat it out) but I made it through and I have to say, I feel great! Sweaty, but great 👍
Thanks Wade!  I love how you make the more challenging poses accessible — thanks for helping me grow. :) 
HI Jenny then you deserve the 'Cool Down' flow we just shot today! But on another note congrats for making it through a good solid challenge!!!... I like to practice this way when I need to move some negative energy out in a safe way- so maybe save it for those days ahahahah!!!
Tracy this is great to hear! Some challenging poses have the stigma of feeling exclusive, I think it should be 'no yogi left behind' =we all can find a way to challenge ourselves and at our own pace, Im so glad you are growing at yours!! 
Thank you for your wonderful clear, and kind guidance on this journey. You make what could be "hard" totally do-able. Great class. 
Hi Elissa it's always so good to hear from you!! I hope your summer has been treating you well and love that you are going for the challenges with such an open hearted approach!
Great class! I've enjoyed the preparatory work before entering the Eagle pose, a pose I usually struggle with but not during this class. I've liked your GPS analogy at the end of the practice. Thank you!
Hi Lina ! I'm so glad you felt the eagle prep, did you feel the adductor muscles the next day?? Always great to hear from you!
Thank you for the fun practice, Wade! Very creative!  I liked having the opportunity to dance a little while doing yoga. 
Hi Holly I'm glad you loved the dance part, it's been my new Cover thing to keep things light, I am imagining everyone dancing with me even if they are not so I'm glad you are showing up with your dance moves!!!
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