Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Happy Joints
Melina Meza

Watch this Practice
Hi Jeanette  ~I"m surprised that there aren't more EDGU resources online...here is a YouTube video I found of my friend Jeffrey teaching to a group. About 8 min. in he starts a practice. Enjoy!
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Hi Melina. I loved this class, especially the head turns with sound. Thank you so much. 
Glad you liked that sound practice, I'm often surprised by how centered I feel after doing that simple practice! I'll try to add more of that in future videos.
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Glad I started this. It was fun, with interesting variety. The balance and triangle poses were unique. My body and mind both feel challenged and energized .  🙏🏻 
Have fun David! Thanks for dropping into these series/challenges!
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So great! I love your classes
Thank you Nancy! Its a pleasure to share classes with you all!
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Dearest Melina, I can’t thank you enough for this joint friendly class. I’ve been teaching yoga for many years, studying different styles of yoga to stay inspired so I can inspire my students. This class inspired me that often times less is more and using our props can deepen our experience. Thank you for your wisdom, inspiration, and kindness.  
Thank you for taking  time to dive into these offerings and your practice! I appreciate your sweet note and hope you continue to find inspiration in our YA offerings.
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