Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Happy Joints
Melina Meza

Watch this Practice
Hi Jeanette  ~I"m surprised that there aren't more EDGU resources online...here is a YouTube video I found of my friend Jeffrey teaching to a group. About 8 min. in he starts a practice. Enjoy!
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Hi Melina. I loved this class, especially the head turns with sound. Thank you so much. 
Glad you liked that sound practice, I'm often surprised by how centered I feel after doing that simple practice! I'll try to add more of that in future videos.
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Glad I started this. It was fun, with interesting variety. The balance and triangle poses were unique. My body and mind both feel challenged and energized .  🙏🏻 
Have fun David! Thanks for dropping into these series/challenges!
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So great! I love your classes
Thank you Nancy! Its a pleasure to share classes with you all!
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