Yin Yoga and Mythology: Kali Yin<br>Kelly Kamm

Yin Yoga and Mythology: Kali Yin
Kelly Kamm

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Buket D
Yin Yoga and Mythology classess are amazing, please keep posting more, love
Sandra Židan
Great practice and interesting story! Thanks, Kelly! Namaste! 💖
Thank you for this wonderful practice. I'll be returning to this one again and again.
Crista C
Wow! I absolutely adore doing yin while listening to Mythology~ so good~  And this Kali practice was just what I needed today.  Thank you~
David G-
Ooof! I avoided this for a few months. The first shapes are extremely painful to my body—knees and toes no likey… improvised quite a bit so that  Kali could have a full basket for her disposal.  Thanks for pushing us deep into our bodies and allowing us to discover psychic pain too. 
Vera L
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This was the best practice I could have today! I am just starting a new job tomorrow and therefore so much out of my comfort  zone... But I will make it!
Barbro Christina G
Thank you so much for this session. I loved the story. A story I really needed today :) 
Kelly K
Barbro Christina G thank you so much happy new year - wishing you love!
Tara L
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Thank you, Kelly! I really enjoyed this practice.  💗
Kelly K
Tara L thanks so much tara! xoxo
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