The 7-Day Handstand Challenge: Day 1: Finding Your Handstand<br>Allison Ray Jeraci

The 7-Day Handstand Challenge: Day 1: Finding Your Handstand
Allison Ray Jeraci

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Sarah L
Wow! I learned so much in just one class. I was able to hold my handstand for a couple seconds. Now when I kick up I think about pressing the shoulder blades into the chest, ribs towards the hip points and pelvis toward the heels. This class made a huge impact on my handstand practice. Thank you Allison! Can't wait for day 2.
Sasa S.
Hm… i just did day one,  but could not do that handstand against the wall. You do it so effortlessly! Don’t know how to say it, but i can’t make my legs and butt to come so far that my legs would come even close to the wall. I don’t know if you understand, but if you do, what excercise should i practise so that i will be able to do it? Thanks for suggestion.
Emma W
I have just answered questions saying I don't have blocks, but the first video it has recommended me to requires blocks :/ not a great first impression of the app :/
Elizabeth M
Hi, Emma W - I am sorry you are having a frustrating first experience on our site! I am going to reach out to you to gather more information from you and hopefully remedy the issue. Thank you for being here 🙏 
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