Keepin` it Real: Strong, Full-Body Flow<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin` it Real: Strong, Full-Body Flow
Robert Sidoti

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Whitney B
You are awesome!! You take the stiffness out of yoga, as sometimes it can be. If you start explaining something I will continue through the sequence and take your cues to heart for the next round. I appreciate that you are trying to give your advice through this and living your truest yogi self! Thank you for making me laugh through a particularly tough sequence (those press ups and squats are difficult!) “buttocks” funny word!  I have done a few of your more recent practises and you don’t talk quite as much but that same passion and spirit is still there!  Anyway thank you and namaste
Robert Sidoti
Hiiii Whitney :)) Love your comment here, thanks so much for sharing! Buttocks - one of my favorite words, haha. It's always a challenge in these yoga offerings online - how much to talk or not talk. I want to share so much, so finding the balance between quiet and sharing is always on my mind. Thank you for you thoughts and how you work with it during practice, very helpful. Keep on keeping on, practice practice practice and all will come! Sending strength and health, Robert
Ch Marie d’I
Back to longer videos after the challenge, I can notice how I move much better, no need to even look at you but I do listen and it helps improving some poses or taking a short break...And yes I enjoy the practice for the practice!  Still the best way to clear my head ;) 
Deb T
Most enjoyable practice yet!  Thank you, Robert! 
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