Yoga for Depression: Quick Morning Yoga Workout<br>Denise Antonini

Yoga for Depression: Quick Morning Yoga Workout
Denise Antonini

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Becky E
Lovely content. I’m guessing that as I repeat the video your steps will become more engrained. It was so fast between steps that I was perpetually a couple of steps behind.
Denise Antonini
Thanks for the feedback Becky. Please feel free to move at your own pace. One of the beauties of home practice is you can take your time, honor where you are on a given day and make it work for you. 
like others i enjoyed the pace - being in a 10 mins frame made sense. thanks Denise.
Denise Antonini
Thanks for your input Matthew S! Sometimes 10 min is what we can manage.  Be well. 
David G-
Wonderful short practice. I had a lot of adrenaline flowing after an indoor cycling workout. There is a lot of data on the screen, including other riders on this course in New Zealand. It became a bit like a race, so it was neat to experiment and see how I could return to a state of physical and emotional calm. Thanks! 
Denise Antonini
You’re right on track David Goldstein! Once again you nailed it- effort and ease. Thanks for the feedback! Gratefully, Denise 
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Denise, for this short energizing practice! It was exactly what I needed today! Namaste! ❤️☀️
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