The Ashtanga Practice: Breaking Down the Suns<br>Sarah Lowe

The Ashtanga Practice: Breaking Down the Suns
Sarah Lowe

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Venu Sanz
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I overall liked the class although it was not what I expected. I played the video ready to do a 50 mins level 2 of ashtanga but this video felt more like a tutorial rather than an ashtanga class. I think it is more a level 1 class, it is a really good one for those who are not familiar with the postures and proper alignment as Sara explains perfectly every posture.
Sarah Beston
Hi Vanessa, Thank you so much for the suggestion. We agree with your feedback about this class being more of a tutorial and have changed our tagging to reflect this. We are so glad you're here. Much love.
Sarah Lowe
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Hi there! Thanks so much for watching - appreciate the feedback, and glad you still found it helpful. The 1 Hour Ashtanga class might be a slightly different speed for you! xx
Jo V
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I really enjoyed going over sun salutations. Great tutorial. Thanks.
Julia R
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I am a novice to yoga. I like the way Sarah Lowe teaches. She explains with great detail and the step by step guide thru each movement allows me to follow without much of a problem. I do have hamstring and wrist issues, so I get a lot out of the modified versions that she gives. I'm looking forward to learning more about Ashtanga and hope to one day be at the level to teach.
Eti E
Excellent tutorial, great tips for beginners. Thanks!
Frederic M
Thanks Sarah, I really appreciated the detailed explanation of the vinyasa!
Maria Elena D
thank you Sarah! this was very helpful. I have a much better sense of the details in the moves, and thats always good, :) you have an excellent teaching manner, thanks again.

Sarah Lowe
thank you for joining me! so glad you found it helpful. xo
Charri B
Thank you! This was a great tutorial. The adjustment with the wrist in down dog helped me alot!
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