Asana Studies: Heart Opening from Within<br>Zeynep Celen

Asana Studies: Heart Opening from Within
Zeynep Celen

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Ayzen A
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Love love love the video, I have been missing practising with Zeynep, thank you YogaAnytime
Marleen R
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Lovely practice and so helpful to be reminded to feel and be grateful for what my body is doing in any moment
Thank you Zeynep
Zeynep Celen
Dear Ayzen, thank you so much for watching and practicing with me, I am glad you enjoyed it. Hope to see you soon? :)
Zeynep Celen
Dear Marleen, thank you so much for your comment.

It is very important for me to sense the body and become aware of its amazingness even in the most subtle movements, I am glad it resonated through the video and reached you.
Thank you for practicing with me.:)
Suna Y
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Dear Zeynep, I didn't have the chance to catch up with you in Istanbul. It was nice to share a practice with you online. Thanks and namaste!
Zeynep Celen
Thank you Suna, I hope we do meet next time! Until then, hope the videos keep you connected :)
See you!
Elissa P
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The most amazing thing just happened while I did this practice. I live out in the high desert sagebrush of Eastern Oregon, and in my solo wanderings, I've been finding many antler sheds this season.... and collecting them on the rail of my deck - which I face while practicing (looking outside). And, while doing this practice, this mountain bluebird... she landed on an antler and just settled there, facing me, fluffed out and chill, bird to human .... I was in Tadasana and just... couldn't move. She was so close and so beautiful and so .... relaxed and okay with being that close to me. Tears just starting rolling down my face... the beauty of it all, the feeling of connection, the feeling of crossing into another world of no fear between species.... Your video, and thus your voice, continued to go on while I just stayed very still, hands over my heart, soaking in the grace feeling. It was... really beyond description, a rare treasure of a moment.
Phuong E
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It was lovely to “feel the movements of life” with you this morning. Thank you!
Jenny S
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Revisiting this after a far-too-long absence...remembering your sweet, gentle approach which makes my heart swell. Feeling relaxed, expansive and happy. Namaste Zeynep 🙏🏻❤️
Zeynep Celen
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Elissa Dear Elissa, what an amazing experience you have shared on this thread, so sorry I missed it before (it was right around the time I gave birth so I was not online). Thank you for sharing it and for practicing with me. We really are surrounded by the grace and magic of Life. And yoga unravels it much clearer. Just imagining it made me feel it... With Love, Zeynep
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