The Vinyasa Show: Flowing Through Transitions<br>Audra Carmine

The Vinyasa Show: Flowing Through Transitions
Audra Carmine

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Christine L
What a great practice! I love the unusual transitions. They give such a different perspective to the poses. I am going through difficult transitions in my life right now, and going through transitions in my yoga reinforces that things can be difficult and different, but I can make it through, better and stronger than before! Audra, thank you for this gift this morning, I will carry it with me through my day, and beyond.

Audra Carmine
Dear Christine! Thank you so much for the feedback and I'm so glad to hear you felt empowered and strong in this practice. I hope the echo lingers for a long time. That's yoga at its best! When I made these movies, I too was moving through some interesting transitions and yoga was this constant reminder that 1) I didn't have to manage, or control, every twist and turn perfectly and 2) that I am loveable and deserving of connection all the time, not just when things are going well. I hope you have an awesome day!!
Kelly Sunrose
Audra, sweetest heart.
LOVE this practice and LOVE you.
The instability monster!! Sassy hands!! MTV Dance Party! YOU.
Audra Carmine
I love you dear Kelly!! to the moon and back. Thank you for practicing with me.
Johanna L
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So lovely! practice, definitely one of my favorites here at yoga anytime . It gave me exactly everything I needed this morning. Namaste from Sweden
Audra Carmine
Namaste from Portland, Oregon, Johanna Lundin. So grateful for the opportunity to share practice with you on the other side of the world. Stay in touch! Sending love and light your way. Xo Audra
Kasia B
Namaste from SF. I really enjoyed the practice and the creative transitions. My only challenge was when facing the back of the mat and not being able to see the computer Kasia
Audra Carmine
Hi Kasia, thank you so much for sharing practice together. I hope that the challenge was inspiring rather than frustrating. I will keep your feedback in mind for the next time I film. Love to you in SF. Audra
Christy Li
Namaste from San Jose, CA. :) This was a great morning practice with new transitions to try, loved it! Thank you Audra.
Audra Carmine
Thank you Christi Li! So glad you liked it. Love to you from Portland, Oregon:)
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