The Vinyasa Show: Flowing Through Transitions<br>Audra Carmine

The Vinyasa Show: Flowing Through Transitions
Audra Carmine

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Namaste from Encinitas, CA! I love this 'show' and found this particular practice especially (and to be honest kind of surprisingly) inspiring, super fun and so open-hearted. Thanks so much, Audra. I have added this to my 'favorites' and will be returning to it again and again.
Staci H
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You precious soul! This was a delightful class and you have the most wonderful and playful energy, many thanks!
Laura M
soooooooooo good!!
Alison B
I too loved the playfulness of this. Thank you.
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I’m in love with this sequence. It was one of the first I found on Yoga Anytime a couple of months ago. This was my third time through and the transitions seem so much easier now. I love the variety I find here with Yoga Anytime.
Bianca E
Such a beautiful and thoughtful class. Exactly what I needed. Thank you. 
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