The Ashtanga Practice: 30 Minute Ashtanga Quickie<br>Sarah Lowe

The Ashtanga Practice: 30 Minute Ashtanga Quickie
Sarah Lowe

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Melissa H
A nice quick practice that gets you glistening. You cover many asanas in this practice that will give you what you need.
Sarah Lowe
Hey Melissa! Thanks for practicing with me - glad to hear you got a nice Ashtanga glow. :)
Elke I
a good sequence - and yes, plenty of good work in a short time. Its inspiring to see you do the shapes at all the various accommodations. Thanks Sarah
Sarah Lowe
HI Elke! Thanks so much for your nice comments, and so glad you enjoyed it. Let me know if I can help you with anything. Xo S
Karly F
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This is my favorite video! Perfect to get me up and out in the morning.
Francesco B
I just tried to follow you along until the end.. You really have a nice Rythm! I enjoyed it a lot. Do you suggest to do this right after woke up? :) Thanks!
Eleanor M
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I really like that it's simple and easy to follow
Sarah Lowe
Thanks Eleanor! Happy to hear you're enjoying the practice! x
Cindy K
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This short sequence is perfect when time is limited. You have incorporated a lot of asanas to feel like a well rounded practice. Great practice. Thank you.
Craig Killeen
love your work, not much talk all action
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