Yin Yoga: Find Comfort with Peace & Quiet
Kira Sloane

Watch this Practice
Dearest Frederic, sweet to be practicing together. xok
I am discovering the more I do Yin, the more I see/experience a depth within me. Thank you for your sage guidance:)
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Tesa, this makes me so happy.
Beautiful, thank you 💕
Jayne, LOVE.xok
Awesome as always. Thank you Kira.
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That was lovely! Also loved the mention of the Yoga of Relationships, so good. Thank you. xx
I like how you allowed for movement in the passive lunge. I find that position quite difficult as I have a really bad back and hips (especially right) so it's a struggle. It was really nice to have the permission to wiggle around LOL
Sam, something Alan Watts once said really stuck with me, that everything in nature wiggles... xok
So. Lovely. Thank you for the beautiful words of encouragement to meet ourselves exactly where we are at. Thank you thank you thank you.
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