Keepin' it Real: Flowing with Gratitude<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Flowing with Gratitude
Robert Sidoti

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Marlina B
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I love the fact that you mentioned that there is no need to be super flexible it gave me confidence.. . Thanks
Christine L
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Thank you so much for this class! I am just getting over being sick, and not feeling back to my usual high energy yet. I loved the intention of gratitude for where I am right now. I will go into my day with this, and carry that feeling of gratitude for what is!


Siri Narayan K
What's with that heavy breath ,throwing away internal energy not fully connected to pranayama.very tense upper body no breath originating from the heart,it should be quiet and inside
Robert Sidoti
Marlina... Glad the sequence gave you a sense of confidence!
Christine... Happy to know the gratitude intention resonated with you and you carried it into your day!
Siri Narayan... I appreciate your comment, thank you for sharing your honest thoughts. I will work on my pranayama, hopefully I do better next time:)
Heike S
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Thank you for your thoughts an beeing open in your mind for everything and any kind of person
Azar V
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great explanations together with poses! I just loved it! Thanks very much Robert!
Matthew N
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Great class Robert! Thanks
Robert Sidoti
You are welcome Matthew!!
Sarah H
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I am loving all your classes, Robert. They are down to earth, real and clearly presented. I really appreciate the way you clarify each of the poses and give us the details to ensure we don't overreach or strain in unnatural ways. Makes me enjoy yoga even more. When you know what you're aiming at, then you have the scope to improve.
Robert Sidoti
Hi Sarah! Thanks for sharing this comment and for practicing with us!! It's nice when we feel we can enjoy the yoga and not feel so pressured (by ourselves) to work so hard and in ways our bodies might not be meant to or want to in that given moment. Peace, gratitude and respect!
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