Keepin' it Real: Flowing with Gratitude<br>Robert Sidoti

Keepin' it Real: Flowing with Gratitude
Robert Sidoti

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Anne Marie V
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Thank you so much, Robert. Your sessions are guiding my practice, and I feel different than when I began the 30 day challenge back in June. Thank you.
Robert Sidoti
Awesome Anne Marie ! I love to hear that! Keep up the good work, I'm here if you ever have any questions!
Thank you so much.great streching.just wanted to know any weight loss associated with this?also i noticed that i was sweating mostly from my face.thank yoy
Robert Sidoti
Thanks for sharing your comment here with us Sakunthala  !! Glad you felt the nice stretching - and yes, in short, there can be some weight loss involved with a steady yoga practice - lots of sweat can happen too!! Such a great way to take care of your entire body, mind and so much more 🙏🏽☀️ Keep up the good work!! 
Sharon O
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I love your classes—especially because you keep it real—our bodies are all so different and we’re all doing our best. Gratitude for this breath, this body, this movement and you!🙏🏻💙
Robert Sidoti
Thank you so much for this awesome and positive comment Sharon O !! Gotta keep it real, only way to roll :)) And yes, we are all so different (and sooo the same) the yoga practice can look and feel so differently from person to person - let's always honor that! :) You're the best!! 
Donna C
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Great class. In preparation i took your Crow tutorial yesterday and did a block assisted crow for this class. Yahoo..Didn’t have to sit that part out. Thank you
Robert Sidoti
Awesome - yay - congrats on your crow success Donna C - thanks so much for sharing here, nice for me to hear but I know others read these comments and I’m sure it’s uplifting and inspiring for all!! 
Jolene K
The pacing and amount of talking made this feel like a level 1 class to me (although there are some level 2 postures thrown in). 
Kerry N-W
Thank you--you are a wonderful teacher.
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