The Happy Back Show: Release Low Back Tension<br>Kira Sloane

The Happy Back Show: Release Low Back Tension
Kira Sloane

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Kira Sloane
Kerry N-W, wow! Please stay close and be gentle! Love, Kira
Rita P
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Wow, quite interesting.  I look forward to seeing what benefits I observe.  Thank you.
Kira Sloane
Rita P, keep us posted! - Kira
Deven Sisler
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I have been doing physical therapy for low back pain for six months. It often helps, and this practice feels like the missing puzzle piece in my holistic self care. Thank you Kira!
Kira Sloane
Deven Sisler, LOVE! So sorry to hear you have been in pain for last 6 months. Hope all is well otherwise. xoK
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