Welcome to Yoga: Backbending for Beginners<br>Margi Young

Welcome to Yoga: Backbending for Beginners
Margi Young

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Kate B
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I'm so appreciative Margi is on YogaAnytime. Her style of communication is thoughtful, well timed and inviting embodiment. This class is a great study break, or end to a day of sitting at my computer all day long. It's lovely to ground my brain back to my body. Looking forward to further teachings.
Margi Young
Thank you ever so much Kate!
Karen M
Thank you for your lovely teaching. This class is going to help me with backbends. I have been struggling to do them for years. I appreciate the anatomical exploring and the detailed instructions.
Margi Young
Thank you Karen .Backbends can be tricky but are SO necessary. Glad you are opening in that direction! Margi
Kimberly B
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Thank you Margi. Im a yoga teacher too and found your way of explaining the details of how to move into a backbend very helpful. I really liked the hands on approach, feeling the sternum and the clavicle with finger tips. I'll use some of your tips in my class tonight. Thanks again!
Margi Young
Kimberly I am SO happy to give some ideas for your classes. Please enjoy and spread the word! (And the sacrum!)
Betty M
Margi,  OMG Thanks so much for this!  My back feels flexible and relaxed after this one. I can do this one often and get a new understanding from it each time. I'm loving exploring your videos and practices. As always, I get so much from the way you reference the muscles and bones, and the way you guide with gentleness, philosophy and knowledge.  
Margi Young
Betty Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. And I am so glad you feel good.... we need that more than ever! Hope you continue to be well. Margi
Anne B
What a perfect class! Thoroughly enjoyed how you prepared the body for back bending with very clear instructions. Thank you!
Margi Young
Anne B Thank you! How important it is to keep bending back! Happy New Year. Margi
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