30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Just Show Up<br>Robert Sidoti

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 1: Just Show Up
Robert Sidoti

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Ch Marie d’I
Back to this challenge for the 3rd time, (with other classes in between ) I am not a routine person , but I enjoyed being able to concentrate on my breath, and found some lazy muscles... My mood switch back to good , after a s..day . No need to look at the video but the voice helps with the flow. Thank you 🙏
Ch Marie d’I
By reading the comments here, we pretty much all write the same thing , what a fan club 😂 , in another world we could all invade your island for an entertaining class by the sea ☀️
Lina S
I like the way you talk to us as though we were in a classroom with you. It feels nice to start with simple asanas, just unfold the mat and be there.
Elaine  A
You Robert, yes you are Amazing Grace!
You give very good instructions thus making me slow down, breathe, watch and listen. Videos are very well planned  with thoughtful reminders for each transition.
Maryam M
Thank you so much ...it was my first experience doing yoga.now I feel really good and relaxed, I just imagine you were here 
Thanks for your perfect explanation 👌 
Namaste 🙏 
Sandra Židan
Nice practice, Robert! I am looking forward to the next practices! Namaste! ☀️
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