30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 15: Thank You, Self<br>Robert Sidoti

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 15: Thank You, Self
Robert Sidoti

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Louisa G
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So grateful for this slower practice today as my abs are a little sore from the past couple of practices! Loving this challenge and look forward to another 15 days and hopefully more like it as I'm enjoying my morning routine with you before I start the day. Thank you Robert
Debra D
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I am a little tired today but I felt encouraged to show up no matter what. That shining heart crazy open universal love pose (camel :)) turned out to be just what I needed. Thanks Robert. It's great to feel your energy zooming around the world 🙌🏻💪🏻
Robert Sidoti
Hi Debra ! You can almost always count on feeling better after a good yoga session, workout, run/walk etc, there are so many times I feel sluggish, lazy or uninspired to exercise, but once I'm finished, wow what difference! Thanks for your comment and keep on keeping on:))
Anne Marie V
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I am happy for the halfway mark, yet I also wish that the practices won't end. I find myself thinking, what will I do on Day 31? Thank you again.
Robert Sidoti
Hello Anne Marie , where are you now in challenge?? Getting close to finish? On day 31 you could start up again, see how the second time round feels? :) We'll be shooting another 30 Day soon, be on lookout!!
Scuba Chick
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Day 15. Rawr. And gratitude. Super rawr. I greatly appreciate you, Robert, for bringing us this practice, and all the people who show up and practice with you and the other teachers on this site and with one another. We all make a difference, one breath at a time.
Jean Claude Joe N
We're half way through, but I wish it doesn't end!
There should be 12 seasons of this, with the next one being 31 days challenge :) Robert Sidoti
Robert Sidoti
Jean Claude Joe! Thanks for your comment and so happy you’re enjoying this challenge!
FYI... there is another 30 Day challenge available when you’re finished, it’s called ‘Feelling Alright’ with me as the instructor:)
Where are you in the world? All my best to you!
Jean Claude Joe N
I have to say, the idea of reaching you is so cool.. now we can say that we’re true friends 😎. I guess the concept here is that you’re not just practitioners behind a screen but accompanying us in our journey.. AND it definitely works! So, cheers to that :D
I live in Australia and am currently in a phase in my life of intense work and stress (it should hopefully end very soon), so I had to incorporate some yoga somewhere.
First, those 20 minutes sessions is what I look up for every morning. Second, you got me into yoga Mr Sidoti :) I mean, I am definitely diggin your type of yoga (full of life and energy) but I also feel it somewhere that all this yoga world is definitely not something I am gonna let go of any time soon, if not ever.
So I wish you all the best in your life for that! Peace and love my friend, I’ll see you tomorrow in practice :D
Robert Sidoti
True friends for sure Jean Claude Joe ✌️
We instructors here on YA are along the journey with you as best we can, I’m glad that comes through in this challenge!
I’m also so impressed and happy for you that even with your busy and stressed work life, you’ve been able to make this a priority, that’s huge man!
Yoga works! I’m super stoked that you feel connected to my approach and wish you continued ‘good vibes’ and ‘good feels’ along your journey... I’m right there with ya!
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