30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 30: Finish Strong<br>Robert Sidoti

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 30: Finish Strong
Robert Sidoti

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Robert Sidoti
Good job Tim!! Let me know if you check out other vids, stay in touch my friend!!
Robert Sidoti
Astrid! Huge congrats to you on this accomplishment! It's been so fun connecting with you along the way, feel like I know you:) I'd say restarting the challenge could hep continue the strengthening of the arms (and entire body). Also, some simple arm exercises with very light weights could help too. Look up targeting the biceps and triceps of your arms, you'll come up with a lot of tips and exercises!
Robert Sidoti
Thanks for your kind words Dannette and a big congrats to you on this endeavor! Like some of the others, I feel like I know you and was right there with you along your journey, I love it! Hope we can stay in touch!
Louise F
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thanks Rob, I really enjoyed doing the classes, it took me longer than 30 days to complete but I feel alot stronger in the poses now. I might do the challenge again in a few weeks. Louise
Elaine Fox
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Wonderful journey, Robert, and I appreciated your laughter and encouragement along the way! I didn't do it exactly consecutively (my goal was to do something physical every day, so skipped this on days I played tennis) but I made it and feel SO much better. You got me back into my yoga practice! I agree with whoever said it was a great way to start the year -- I'd love to see another 30-day challenge next January! :)
Paige G
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Woohoo!!! COMPLETE! Took me a bit longer than 30 days BUT I am proud of myself for finishing the series. Thank you, Robert, for the awesome progression of poses. I can officially say that my "post-holiday blues" are gone and I'm feeling stronger than ever. The ending of this series is bittersweet, but nonetheless encouraging. Can't wait for the next one! ;)
Janet S
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Robert...this has changed my confidence level and strength dramatically as well as flexibility and healing stored up areas...thank you to you for a great idea. Wonderful way to start the year. I I am going to do it again! 20 minutes is Perfect! Namaste
Robert Sidoti
Great to hear Elaine! Sounds like you kept your intention and promise to yourself to do something physical everyday, what an accomplishment!! I love playing tennis and know first hand how they compliment one another! I hope we can shoot another challenge for next year, especially for you and the other 'pro's':) Be in touch and enjoy your re-entry into the wonderful world of yoga!
Robert Sidoti
Well done Paige! Stronger than ever?! Boom, what a feeling that must be for you! You have plenty of tools in your toolbox now to battle those 'post-holiday blues'. See you on another video or another challenge, stay in touch and Namaste!
Robert Sidoti
Janet, you can thank Yoga Anytime, this 'showing up' challenge was all their doing, I was lucky enough to be asked to share what I love with you all, it's my pleasure to help you find your confidence and strength! See you at the beginning of another go at it then! Respect, Robert
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