Yoga Rx: Squat Modifications<br>Patricia Sullivan

Yoga Rx: Squat Modifications
Patricia Sullivan

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Susan J
This video is not loading.
Patricia Sullivan
Hi Susan, I just opened this session on my iPad, so maybe you need to refresh something, make sure your internet is working (mine cuts in and out sometimes), or close out and come back and try again. Let me know what happens.!
Sarah Beston
Hi Susan, I will reach out via email to make sure you are all set with this. Warmly, Sarah
Kelly Sunrose
Such a good practice, Patricia! Thank you for sharing! I'm not working with knee inflammation, but have been experiencing major tightness in my calves during pregnancy. This practice gave so much relief. I felt my calves (and my low back) truly release. HAPPINESS! Thank you
Patricia Sullivan
Hi Kelly! so good to know you're getting relief in your calves as well as your low back with these quirky squat variations. Happiness, indeed. Love Patricia
Silke S
Namasté. Oh my gosh, how wonderful. I injured my hip years ago, and a squat is maybe unreachable for me for ever. When I practice with the blocks, surprisingly not my hips were the limitation, I could feel tightness on the lower area of my calves muscles, direct above the heels. What can I do to stretch out this area? Thank you. Silke
Patricia Sullivan
Namaste Silke, for calf stretching you can stand on a slant board, or put some athletic shoes on and hang of a stair from just behind the ball of your front foot - your heels will drop down and stretch your calves. Be very careful not to twist your body so you're not getting different results from side to side. You can also hang heels off a small indoor step ladder. Let me know how it goes!
Fabian H
beautiful practice. my knees feel happy!
Patricia Sullivan
Hi Fabian! So happy you found this session. it's a great feeling to take some pressure off the knees and get deep flexion in the hip and spine. I think last time you posted you mentioned you were in a class or retreat I gave . That's wonderful. I would probably remember you if I saw you. Keep practicing!  Cheers and be in touch if you have any questions. psullivanyoga
Yugan S
Excellent ideas. Both joints and muscles feel good
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