The Yoga Flow Show: Grounded and Grateful
Jasmine Tarkeshi

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You are so welcome Kendra, So happy you enjoyed the practice!
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I feel so much joy practicing with you, Jasmine! And so much freedom in my body. I also find that the groundedness and awareness you inspire in me gives me the confidence to try new poses, and I'm often surprised at how accessible they are to me! I just have to trust in myself and stay present. Thank you with all my heart for your guidance!
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Thank you. I did some hard stuff today and I needed to be reminded of my strength, my grace, and my ability to be present. I'm super grateful right now.
What a fun and fantastic practice for this Sunday morning in northeastern Washington! Added to my favorites! Next time I will be prepared to try the "fall back" into wheel! Thank you!
Just an exceptional experience with this class. Smooth transitions with clear recommendations for correct or correcting movements to receive most elegant results with lovely insights for a deeper bonjoya. Namaste'
Dara so grateful to hear the awareness this practice as brought into your body. And yes, trust yourself! Namaste
BonnieBS I'm so happy to know this practice brought you peace. Thank you!
Catherine I'm so glad you could join this practice from Washington! And yes, so exciting to try new things! Your body and breath always know best. Namaste
Base Camp Reno I am so glad you enjoyed! Thank you
As I get more accustomed to your movement vocabulary these flowing practices are becoming more accessible! SO FUN!!! Intelligent sequencing, with a deep metaphorical core that awakens the roots...
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