Good Morning Yoga: Flowing with Ease
Alana Mitnick

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Nice way to start the day!
Hi Stephanie! So delighted to practice together! Have a beautiful day. xo Alana
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Alana, you have such a softness and welcoming voice!
Thank you for your practice and presence, Katherine. xo

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Great start to any day! Awesome!
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Just joined and you are my first practice. Very welcoming, thank you!
Welcome, Natalie! So delighted that you are here!
Hi Kathy! So glad that you are enjoying the practices on Yoga Anytime. Have a wonderful day.
Thanks so much for this Alana, absolutely loving starting and finishing the day with these sessions ;)
Alright, Joe! We are so delighted that you are here and enjoying the practices. Thank you! Alana
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