Good Morning Yoga: Freedom in the Front Body
Alana Mitnick

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Ahh, another wonderful practice. Thank you again!
Thank you, Tesa! I'm so glad you enjoyed the practice.
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Nice especially when I don't have a lot of time but need yoga. Great practice. Thank you.
Hi Lauri! I'm so glad you made the time to practice. I find even a few minutes can make a huge difference in my day. :) Thank you!
Hi thanks for the class it was great. 5am New Zealand time and feeling wide awake and energised!
Hi Lianne, Thank you for joining us from New Zealand! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the practice. Have a wonderful day!
Thank you, Alana! I'm in my first few days of practicing at home instead of at a studio, as I'm beginning to save money to go back to college. I'm rather sad; however, the lovely stretchy practice, your clear instruction, the sun rising outside my window, and looking at this board and seeing that I'm still practicing in community, has made things feel easier and cheerier. Thank you! Namaste.
Hi Emma, Your post just made my day. Thank you for being here! So glad to be in this together. Keep your practice alive and stay close. Namaste.
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Namaste Alana , This was an amazing session this morning I woke up very tight , in my shoulders and hip flexors , I just recently got into yoga as my normal routine is usually running , plyometric training , I never experienced the challenge and the relaxing part all at the same time ..I have one question my body has been sore due to the new positions I have introduced to my body , my question is would you recommend I keep going everyday like I been doing or shall I rest a day ?
Hi Alana - great morning yoga - thank you. My back made quite a lot of clicking noises in the twist - not painful - is this ok? Just moved to China so great to have a class to follow.
Warmest regards maggie
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