Yoga for Trauma: Safe Space Meditation<br>Kyra Haglund

Yoga for Trauma: Safe Space Meditation
Kyra Haglund

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Shelley K
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Thank you! I appreciate this new show.
Michelle B
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As both a client and therapist of trauma informed work, bringing this practice into our homes is a gift beyond measure.

Please keep this going.

Rachel B
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This is an amazing gift. I would truly appreciate more of Kyra's teachings.
Esther H
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Sat Nam and thank you. Wonderful teaching, inspiring and safe teacher
Maria Elena D
Thank you for this series Kyra, I am getting much benefit from it, I appreciate you.
Erika H
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This was a real gift to me and my weary spirit this morning. Thank you!
Jodie H
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This is what I have been looking for. That safe space internally rather than externally. What a gift this has been to me. Thank you thank you, thank you.
Kyra Haglund
Hello to all of you who have commented on the safe space meditation! This response is coming a bit (quite a bit) late for many of you. So glad you connected with the practice. I hope the series in general is a tool of support where needed. This healing stuff is hero/heroine's work! Much love and respect - xo.
Christina H
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I am not sure why but I had a tremendously strong negative reaction to this - I only managed about 3 mins and then totally freaked out and had loads of awful mental images come up. Have done meditation before so not sure why that has happened
Kyra Haglund
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Hi Christina,
thank you so much for the feedback. And I’m really sorry to hear that the practice triggered so much for you. Since I First recorded this meditation for Yoga anytime I have changed it a bit. I now offer students many options during the meditation as to where their safe space might be - it might be down in the earth, but it also might be in the open space around a tree or even up in the tree like a spacious treehouse. None of those might be your ideal ‘safe space’, but more options usually help! The hope is to help guide the student towards envisioning (then feeling) a space/setting that feels good/okay for them.

These yoga practices certainly are not meant to trigger trauma. In fact it’s geared to do the opposite. However, there’s always a chance that this work can bring stuff up. (Continued In next post)...
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