Yoga for Trauma: Safe Space Meditation<br>Kyra Haglund

Yoga for Trauma: Safe Space Meditation
Kyra Haglund

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Dear Kyra I was about to pause my membership because of lack of income. I cried most for the first  3 episodes as I felt your compassion. The third lockdown in the uk has left me feeling so lonely and revisiting many of my traumas and losses. Been stock at home during this dark and rainy days on my own brings all kind of demons. I feel I could loose it. Yoga and meditation when I’m not in procrastinating states helps me a great deal. I feel paralyzed at times by fears and anxieties. The body remember, the mind creates. I have tears pouring because I feel that across the pound there’s a listener and it won’t cost me money to find support. Thank you for being here. Djamila 
Elisabeth O
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Thank you Kyra for this beautiful series
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