Keepin' it Real: Strengthen and Flow
Robert Sidoti

Watch this Practice
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Very Good
Its good to See You wiggle in the halfmoon, i (we ) forgot sometimes how difficult this Asana is.

My weakness is the Crow ... Its only a Baby crow on the way to fly (sometime) i could not switch of my head
So i See your tutorial and work it out

Funny: your parachute

Im Looking forward to the Shoulder lesson
There are so many Problems with
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Love this! Can you suggest an alternate for the one full squat?
Hi Laura! What about the Full Squat doesn't work for you? Does it hurt or bother a certain area of your body? Then I can offer a possible alternative :) Thanks for practicing with us!!
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Due to a surgery any kind of sustained squat doesn't work for me. Knowing this, I just paused there. Would like to fill in with something. The rest of the sequence is perfect for me and feels great! Thanks.
Hi Laura! My apologies for my delay on this. I'm going to look at the sequence now and give you a suggestion or two for replacement:)
Ok Laura, why don't you consider adding tree pose, both R and L sides, then transition from there into next phase:) Balance is always worth working on!! LMK how it goes and have a great day!
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Hi Robert. Tree pose works great. Thanks for the suggestion!
I was confused, even though I am a regular practitioner and have been for a long time, by your instruction during both ustrasana and ardha chandrasana. Why no instructions for lifting out of hips or pressing hips forward, and why no instructions for hip stacking? I couldn't decide if you didn't want us to follow that usual format and go with yours instead. The directions throughout seemed rather muddy.
Hi Julie! Thanks for your message. I'll have to take a look at the video to reference what you mention regarding camel and half moon pose.
I do appreciate you bringing this up and will definitely get back to you! :)
With respect, Robert
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Heyyyy excellent I love your clases and you are very funny!!!! Thanks
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