30 Minute Yoga Flows: Supple Spine<br>Sarah Beston

30 Minute Yoga Flows: Supple Spine
Sarah Beston

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Craig Killeen
This is exactly what I like, flowing, fastish pace and just long enough thanks
Sarah Beston
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Hi Craig, I'm so happy this practice was a good fit for you. We are excited that this new show will include all 30-minute practices around this pace. All the best! Sarah
Ted J
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This was a great morning warm up. Really liked all the cat-cow variations and enjoyed the dancing camel pose (which was a new one for me).
Sarah Beston
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Ted , thank you for practicing and glad you enjoyed the practice!
Ashley D
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I liked this one although I didn't notice it was level 2 so I may wait to do it again when I am less of a newb. I did really enjoy the savasana at the end.
Sarah Beston
Hi Ashley Thanks so much for practicing and isn't savasana the best part? If you are looking for more beginner practices, you may check out our beginner's center here:
All the best, Sarah
Alison L
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Sarah Beston : thank you for your thoughtful and balanced practices. Your ques are so clear and concise. I really love your style. Looking forward to more classes with you :)
Karolina M
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Beautiful! Thank you Sarah .
Diane C
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Great class as always. Enjoyed the dancing camel!
Sarah Beston
Hi Alison! So glad you are here and so nice to be practicing together!
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