Flow Sweet Flow: Self Love Flow<br>Linda Baffa

Flow Sweet Flow: Self Love Flow
Linda Baffa

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Susan C
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A perfect remedy. A gift at the end of a very long day. Thank you Linda best so far . 🙏🏼💫
Terri W
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This is a wonderful practice, and, Linda, you express it beautifully. Thank you.
Shari A
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️Thankyou! I feel open, soft and relaxed...and yet revived for my afternoon of planting flowers, enjoying a lovely time in nature🌺🌿. This was perfect!
Sarah H
Loved this one. Perfect for when my body is not feeling A1 or overly energetic.
Shirley W
Lovely thank you this was perfect for how my body is feeling today 🙏
Emily S
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Perfect practice
Linda Baffa
Emily So glad you enjoyed it so much! Have a beautiful week! ~Linda
Michelle F
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That was amazing - just what I needed! I'm just beginning to teach yoga and have been working on heart-openers for the last couple of weeks with my classes. This brought in so much to my own practice, filled me back up, and now I can give from that place of fullness! I loved your theme, cues, voice and the sequence was great. Thank you!!
Linda Baffa
Michelle I'm so glad the practice served you and your budding teaching offerings! Thanks for your sweet feedback. Happy weekend! ~ Linda Baffa
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
So happy I stumbled onto this lovely practice!! Thank you!
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