Flow Sweet Flow: Self Love Flow
Linda Baffa

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I think this might be a favourite favourite class!  So beautiful.  This is going to be known as the 'coming out' class.  My daughter just came out to me (not that she needed to, but it kind of feels momentous).  Filled with love.  Thank you for providing the exact right class for the exact right time, Linda!
Sooo happy you're sharing the love, Ali. What a special and momentous moment indeed, glad we could help you help you fill this sweet and connected time with even more love. Warmly, Ashley from Yoga Anytime
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Just LOVED this practice. Everything about it. The gentle pacing, your encouraging, nurturing voice... Thank you, Linda.
Kate I'm so glad you enjoyed the practice! You are most welcome.  Happy to be sharing yoga with you here!  Namaste. :) 
Linda, I just did this practice with my daughter after she convinced me to go with her to a climbing gym! The focus on spinal extension was perfect as a post-climbing sequence.
Refreshing practice!!  Thank you!

Wonderful, relaxing practice. Perfect way to end the day. Her voice is soothing, not too much talking, just right. My favorite class so far. 
I loved this heart opening practice. Just the right pace and clear instructions without too much talking.  My favorite session so far.  Thank you. Francie
This practice made me smile. Namaste.

Thanks, Linda! I loved today's practice and I really loved your T-shirt- it has a great message! Namaste! 💖
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