The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 2: Open Your Hips
Peter Sterios

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Another wonderful, challenging practice. Again, I modified to suit. My body feels alive, worked out and open. Hips are grateful for the attention. Thank you!
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Yes I did day 2! :)
Hi Wendy congratulations on completing Day 2. Feel free to message me here if you have any questions about the challenge each day.
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Nice...! Lots to process. I almost wish I could slow the practice and the cues down in order to better integrate the process. Perhaps with repetition this will become easier, more intuitive.
Hi Kate , you're correct - that's exactly how it works...
Thank you!
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Peter,Peter Sterios I love your concise direction , and how you incorporate the breathing to get into a pose ,,I just love your style ,, I have learned so much thank you Paula
You’re welcome Paula. Learning how powerful the breath can be was an incredible gift for me. And I keep discovering new things everyday.
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Peter and Paula thanks for the reminder about using the breath to get into poses. Peter, is this true of a pose like "crow"? I just got introduced to it yesterday, but there was no que about using the breath to get into it. Just thought you might have a minute to give some advice. And, thanks for turning me on to Yoga - before working with your videos it was all just another "work out".
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Added: actually I guess it is crane pose. I've done crow - but maybe only baby crow or baby crane(?) before a couple of times. But, going up into what I guess is crane is different? No worries if not appropriate here - I'll just play with it no matter what it is called.
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