The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 2: Open Your Hips<br>Peter Sterios

The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 2: Open Your Hips
Peter Sterios

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Peter Sterios
Hi North Book is done! I submitted 115,000 words for the required 65,000 word book (per the contract). Now the work is how to extract 50,000 words with the editors at Sounds True who insist to "sell" the book has to be 65,000.... But I am feeling like a new person after two years of writing. Thanks for the remote "coaching and support". Hope all is well with you. (did you figure out the "crow" thing?
North F
Hi Peter-CONGRATULATIONS!!!! "Superabundance is a common characteristic of great art, much less dangerous than the preciousness that too contrived an economy tends to produce. The essential point is whether what is unnecessary interferes or not with the rest of the response. If it does not, the whole thing is all the better probably for the extra solidarity which it thereby gains." (Richards/Principles of Literary Criticism). I started using one of your yoga belts (I think the tag said you designed it) - just above my elbows and "realized" I was never really doing anything I am working on aligning my strong willed chi with/in my actual physicality.
Gabriel W
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Really great. Thank you.
Susan J
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A really good practice. I tried out the knee lunges with knee forward of ankle and it was fine. Some of the wrist twist I find difficult but I shall persevere. Thanks for the thorough workout.
Morgan Bawden
I went to a yoga class today and they kept saying "stretch" and in my head I was like but first soften 
Peter Sterios
Hi Morgan, I know, right? I have that voice inside my head too! 
Christine G
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Thank you. I feel calmer, clearer ~ just from these first 2 classes!
Just began this challenge/series at the start of 2021 to balance increased walking/running miles, after getting to 42 miles over past 7 days I am tight all over and really enjoyed this hip practice, thank you!
Peter Sterios
Hi Sue D, Thanks for the message. 
Janine G
I’m enjoying this challenge and signed up because I’m dealing with pain. I’m curious, is this challenge meant to help with pain? 
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