The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 3: Open Your Shoulders<br>Peter Sterios

The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 3: Open Your Shoulders
Peter Sterios

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Enjoying this challenge very much !
Scuba Chick
Day 1, my right hip, knee, ankle and foot were in pain from an old injury that shrieks every once in a while. Today, I can happily report that the pain is decreasing. Yay! I can gently resume my active life of scuba, hiking and bike riding...gently...with awareness. I still modify poses that are difficult. But, again, thank you!
Ivana J
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I likes that shavasana was a little longer than in session two where it was really way too short.
Peter Sterios
Hi Ivana, glad you like long savasanas! Me too! On the videos where savasana is short, just let the video end and stay in the pose until you feel ready to come out.
Wendy L
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Day 3 completed! Thank you
Peter Sterios
Hi Wendy You're welcome. Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions.
Kate M
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Radiating gratitude! - and how appropriate today as we move into our Thanksgiving Weekend (in Canada : )
North F
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Thank you!
Peter Sterios
Hi Frank North so nice to hear from you and see that you are reviving your practice with the 7-Day Challenge. I'm sure I'll need to do the Challenge myself after my draft book manuscript is done (May 1). Its down to the wire with that and just writing WITHOUT editing (finally) and not sure what will be there when I finish... 20,000 words to go.
Glenford N
Felt my hips soften and love the sensation of the skin on my lower back stretching as I breathe in. The core section was challenging but invigorating. I will be gliding and flowing through my day with energy and a freedom of movement. Thank you Peter.
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