The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 3: Open Your Shoulders<br>Peter Sterios

The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 3: Open Your Shoulders
Peter Sterios

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Peter Sterios
Hi Glenford , You're welcome! Its amazing when you feel your skin starting to move, isn't it?
Christel B
It's interesting how in the lunge we go past the knee not worrying about lining up the knee with the ankle. Perhaps because it's a briefer more flowing move? Lovely series pushing us to activate parts of our limbs we usually don't.
Peter Sterios
Hi Christel Thanks for your message. Moving the knee past the ankle is fine for most poses where the knee of the back leg is on the floor. Also, the practice is not so much about "pushing" as it is about "sinking" into your poses using gravity as a catalyst for movement and letting your muscles intuitively respond. Good luck with your practice...
Gabriel W
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Really enjoying the careful detailed instructions. Challenging and satisfying!
Sonika J
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Thanks for the refreshing poses in the practice that made me see what I can and cannot do. There were a few poses whose complete range I couldn’t do. For instance, transferring the weight to wrists or knuckles. What would be preparatory poses for these? Also, can you mention the number of repetitions in each pose at the start of the pose. 
Peter Sterios
Hi Sonika, the sequences are meant to offer variations based on the level of your practice, with an encouragement to be creative when what you see is beyond your current level (ie use props or ease out of the poses a little) based on your personal needs. For the number of repetitions,  they are unnecessary if you have a regular and consistent practice.
Kelley S
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This is very different yoga than I am accustomed to.  I like it!  What type?
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