The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 7: Yoga Massage<br>Peter Sterios

The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge: Day 7: Yoga Massage
Peter Sterios

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Scuba Chick
I enjoyed this set of exercises, as taught by Peter Sterios. I'm a "getting older yet still want to maintain my active life" adventurous woman. I used the practice to transform my relationship to pain. I also used each set of exercises to further increase my compassion and tolerance to the frustration I experience when injury occurs, as happened this week. I get angry when I "can't" do something I enjoy. Or, when another injury occurs that requires focused attention. Each movement, especially the last couple days of the 7-day set, was an opportunity to say, "Okay, can't do it like this, do it like that, instead." Let go. Stop clenching around the pain. Move easy. Stay mindful and it won't hurt.

Thanks for the enjoyable, informative practice.
Debra D
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Thank you for this great challenge. And this restorative session was a wonderful conclusion. My shoulders were a little achy this morning from the long holds in yesterday's practice but the tennis ball work helped so much. It felt practically transcendental and now I can feel a lot of warm energy moving around in there. Much gratitude to you Peter
Vanessa S
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Thank you for the practices, Peter. What was particularly deep for me throughout were the instructions about the inner body - top of the lungs, heart, and organs resting down, relaxing the flesh above the pubis and across the back of the pelvis. These will stay with me and deepen, I know. So, a great take away is the discernment work that leads to more ease and at the same time more strength and support, using what is needed in the moment, staying tuned into the softness of what is resting and shining from the core.
North F
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Hi Peter- Yoga massage is new for me - I will work this in to my new practice. Thank you. And, I will start to work with your other sessions here on YogaAnytime to build a regular practice, ongoing. No more in and out of practicing. I've decided to make it a priority - like forever with yoga. (I'm writing all this to kind of memorialize it or something.) It's commitment time for this body and mind - I just realized it's scarier than getting married! OMG. Thanks again - and I'll keep working on meditating to quiet this hyper mind I got issued at birth. Ever thought of a meditation challenge? Ciao.
Peter Sterios
Yes, but not till next year. Can your birthday issued gift wait that long?
North F
Really? Great - yes, can wait. One parental influence hyper; other patient like a saint. I'm currently working a retail job with a "cast of characters" who all focus on their upbringings and parental influences. Anyway, mine may be a strange balance, but I got some. And, gives me time to get back in to meditation shape!
Glenford N
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Beautifully paced practice, as always. I found the tennis ball massage uncomfortable but when I breathed into the poses the sore points began to soften. Yet another exercise in managing pain and uncomfortable feelings which I can learn on the mat but take into life's challenges. I will be repeating this 7 Day challenge. Thanks for opening my mind ,body, emotions, spirit and soul. Namaste.
Peter Sterios
Glenford You're welcome!
Gabriel W
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Thank you for these lovely interesting practices. I look forward to revisiting them.
Susan J
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Really good restorative practice. Tennis balls are sooo good!
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