21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 20: Source<br>Nikki Estrada

21-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 20: Source
Nikki Estrada

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Curtis Hamilton
I am so busy theses days that normally I wait to meditate until after my morning exercise but I woke up this am at 4am and before going back to bed for a minute, I decided to do morning meditation on Day 20. Yesterday was a little difficult with this new mantra but not today. I was focused, felt relaxed had good concentration and hardly distracted at all. After I finish the challenge, I will probably still pick different days on the challenge and continue to use them in my daily meditation because I feel that I am meditating with a good teacher (Nikki Estrada) and it has really helped my practice. Maybe you guys can have a 50 Day Meditation Challenge next.
Kira Sloane
50 Days sounds like a great idea, Curtis!
Debra D
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Dear Nikki - I always love meditating with a mantra. They really are “mind protection”, I feel. Although I have had two “good” sessions with Om Shiv Gorak Yogi (that is, thoughts have not intruded) I find that this mantra doesn’t really resonate with me. It could be that my spirit responds more to a concept (Om shanti, soham) than to an incarnation (Shiva, Gorak). But this preference has not undermined the meditation experience. Thank you for your lovely guidance 🌺
Nikki Estrada
Debra do what works best for you! glad you are trying them all out in the process
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distracted intermittently by new puppy sleeping on my lap (!) but the mantra supported my staying the course for the session without too much turbulence. thanks again.
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still enjoying this practice!
Melissa H
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I've given it several attempts, but I prefer chanting and using a mala. Internally voicing a mantra and using a mala feels disconnected to me. Once I stop using the mala and just holding it in my hand while internalizing the mantra, I can go deeply inward. I'm glad I discovered this.
Nikki Estrada
Melissa thats ok- just do what works for you!
Tanya M
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I love this mantra, it really resonates with me.
Steve P
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Hi Nikki Estrada,
thanks for offering this great challenge. It's very interesting, especially the use of the mala and the mantras.
I noticed for some mantras, at least for me, it's impossible to disconnect them from the rhythm of the breath like "Ham-Sa". Besides this I was wondering if there is a difference between silently "thinking" the mantra and saying it aloud ? They seem to resonate more in me when saying them.
When using the mala I noticed that some times the "move-to-the-next-bead" movement seems to get stuck in my head and fingers, just like "I don't know what to do next". I guess in these moments my mind was just wandering around somewhere else without me noticing it.
I like your teaching.
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