The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 4: Removing Obstacles<br>Wade Gotwals

The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 4: Removing Obstacles
Wade Gotwals

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Elissa P
back-door/fun ways to journey towards things I've never before been able to do before (ie. the splits)... and start to sense how things that have always felt "impossible" might BE possible. And if not, who cares!
Tracy S
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Awesome practice!!!! I needed to be a day behind Wade because I am going through many life changes and this practice took me out of the poor me's and into the joy of exploring many paths to peace. You have a gift as a teacher. I appreciate your guidance. Om Shanti!!!!!
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HI Elissa ...YES.. the who cares attitude is so great, then you lose attachment to whether the physical body can do it or not that's when you are really getting somewhere...excited for the asana breakthrough you had but even more so for the attitude towards it! WINING
HI Tracy Thanks so much for that, Im really glad you are on this challenge with us and thank you for sharing, I think its when you are going through life challenges and changes that your real yoga/spiritual practice shines because you are really earnest! So soldier on!!
Christel B
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What a great way to finish my day, relaxing into resistance and smiling at the gentle humor within the practice.
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Hi Christel if you are relaxing into resistance you are doing it right!! Glad you are with us on this journey!
Another fun day with Wade Thanks for your great class, favourite bit: your Ganesh chant with the harmonium!!
thanks Sarasloves I actually haven't listened the chants yet, still getting used to hearing my voice recorded while singing ...ahahha..
Ruth E
Loved it! This challenge is helping me to get stronger! Thank you for all the support, love and peace. Nanaste.
Ruth So glad you are feeling it and for putting in the effort to make it happen!
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