The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 4: Removing Obstacles<br>Wade Gotwals

The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 4: Removing Obstacles
Wade Gotwals

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Debra D
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A beautiful practice, Wade, thank you. It’s always a surprise to me to find I can pass through an obstacle instead of having to go miles out of my way to avoid it. You would think I might have learned that lesson after all these years 🤔 But while I’m still in learning mode (that is to say, an entire lifetime) it’s so uplifting to have guidance. Most of all I loved that tender chant at the end. (If there was a harmonium emoji I would put it right here surrounded by a cosmic energy emoji :)))
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hi Debra this is perfect timing as you write this I'm at a Bhakti immersion study group and was studying in depth all about Ganesha today and was wondering why I keep avoiding 'my' obstacles, I think we just need constant reminders...great synchronicity !
Glenford N
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Hi Wade. Your practice was a gift of love patience compassion creativity and generosity. I can chose to hold onto this gift or in the same spirit I can give it away to the people struggles and strangers in my life. A gift freely received is a gifft passed on with an open heart. Thanks Wade.
Joanne D
Can’t wait for day 5 thank you for the support and generous offerings to find peace and joy and love x
Hi Joanne thanks for the message and glad you are diving into the practice and feeling he benefits!
Sarah F
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Cool series! Loving the sequences and progressions : )
Ruth O
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What a wonderful practice. Thank you for reminding me that struggle does not equal strength and is not really a virtue. Loved and learned so much. ~~Ruth
Hi Ruth!
I love how you are embracing each of these challenges! True yogi!
Eilis H
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I couldn't  have found you at a better time for me, your teaching is bringing me though sometimes challenging poses/places, all the time smiling and often giggling...thank you xxx
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Eilis, thank you for sharing your joy with us!!
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