The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 5: Fear and Courage<br>Wade Gotwals

The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 5: Fear and Courage
Wade Gotwals

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Glenford sounds like you are leading the true path of the yogi off the mat and into the world!
Elissa P
it's been a few months and I revisited this one again. so much fun. thanks Wade. Hope things are going well for you on your journey. I had a dream about Chicago (?!) and I've never been there in this lifetime yet; so strange.
hi Elissa good to have you back! All is going well and Ill be out to shoot some more videos soon...Chicago is finally waking up, if you've never been its a great trip!
Sarah F
Loved this one!!
hi Sarah so glad you connected with it!!
Phuong E
Loved the karate kicks! Will incorporate those into my life. Thank you Wade!
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hi Phuong isn't it a fun way to move some pent stress out of the body! Just stay far away from people when you do it lol :)
Ruth O
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I look forward to each practice of this challenge. I really am enjoying the virtuous words too. Thank you, Wade.
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HI Ruth, Im so glad you are feeling it!!
Kate M
What a creative exploration of fear! And fun, too : ) Summoning our creativity and spirit of adventure will get us through COVID19 too. Thanks Wade.
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