The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 8: Fluid Impermanence<br>Wade Gotwals

The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 8: Fluid Impermanence
Wade Gotwals

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Lauri thanks for the honesty, I think we are all 'right there' with you= working on our individual stuff....glad you are feeling the space and openness along the way!!
Chrys M
I loved the wall work. I was braver with it today compared with the other day's practice. Thanks so much Wade.
Phuong E
Loved the combination of power with heart opening. The bridge against the wall was a powerful metaphor for that. Empowered.
Thanks Chrys sorry for the late response! Hope your New Year is off to a great start and you are keeping the yoga practice alive!
Phuong you are moving through the challenge fast! Love the dedication!
Ruth O
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Wonderful. Yay! I love all the quad stretching you incorporated throughout the challenge. So important. Thank you, Wade. Your teaching is terrific. I'm so glad I practiced.
hi Ruth Im so happy that you are really diving into this challenge and journey and really 'feeling' it!! YES!

Valerie R
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You and this challenge are inspiring Wade. I am feeling stronger and open. After a health challenge I needed to regain strength, Thank You!
Valerie thank you for sharing a little of your story and so glad the challenge has given you some new strength- so great!
Kate M
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Impermanence has definitely forced itself upon our notice these days. Your words of encouragement (nb in - "coeur"=heart) are so appropriate to our lived experience right now. Loving this challenge.
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