The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 9: Brave Heart<br>Wade Gotwals

The Sweet Heart Challenge: Day 9: Brave Heart
Wade Gotwals

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M Angela C
Thank you for the wonderful gift of these practices. Each day I have left the mat with a greater appreciation of self and others. Thank you!
Hi M Angela oh I'm so glad you are feeling it! But happier that you are sharing the energy with others, this is what we really need in our world so thank you!
Christel B
So refreshing! I wish I could remember all the things you have shown us. I wonder what inspired your creation of these classes. I look forward to tomorrow's Sweet Heart challenge.
Christel B
I will definitely want to practice these sessions again.
Hi Christel wow you are almost finished! I really cant remember what inspired me for this specific challenge but Im glad you were feeling it!!
Wendy W
That was really, really, really good! Thanks!
Are you feeling strong Wendy ???!!!
Wendy W
Yes! I’m glad you can’t see me though, I don’t think I’m doing what you’re doing, but it sure is fun trying!
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Wendy ahahah maybe you will start some new yoga trends!
Martha K
My heart is floating on air. So grateful.
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