Yogis Among Us: Prince: What's in a Name?<br>Annie Moyer

Yogis Among Us: Prince: What's in a Name?
Annie Moyer

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Annie Moyer
Thanks, Els! So glad you like it.
Sebnem G
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My body absolutely loved moving freely in the poses. That made me realize, as a beginner, how I tend to be rigid in the poses, paying so much attention to if I am doing them correctly. On a different level, I was reminded of the tension of needing to define myself with titles or names in life. The practice accompanying the talk, I think, made so much difference for us to feel that "fluidity" and letting go of self. It is as if the body felt and learned what the mind knew. Many thanks and much love, Annie.
Annie Moyer
Oh @Sebnem, I'm thrilled that you loved this practice and the ideas about fluidity in defining oneself. It can be so freeing! Thanks so much for saying so. 
Sara S
Responsibility. If I am nothing but all,  responsibility works its way in 
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