Practice with Patricia: Shiva & Shakti: Love & Longing<br>Patricia Sullivan

Practice with Patricia: Shiva & Shakti: Love & Longing
Patricia Sullivan

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Alana Mitnick
Dear Patricia, What a beautiful offering from your tender heart. I love your weaving of poetry with breath and meditation, inviting us into the more subtle layers. I was completely soothed and held by this practice. Thank you, dear one. xo Alana
Patricia Sullivan
Dear Alana, You are so welcome - it's so good to hear the practice in this video soothed and held you. It's why we do these things, yes? Much Love to you. Patricia
Louise D
So soothing.
Patricia Sullivan
So happy Louise, to know you were smoothed and soothed with the Shiva/Shakti, Love and Longing practice. It's a powerful if subtle practice.
Lydia Zamorano
Patricia. I think I love you. ;) Lydia
Patricia Sullivan
Lydia, you're so kind. It's in you and overflows into me - how fortunate for both of us! Yours, Patricia
Marleen R
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what a soothing sequence Patricia. My eyes feel so cool and quiet now. Thank you thank you
Patricia Sullivan
I love hearing you felt soothed and especially that your eyes felt cooled and quiet. Quieting the eyes is not easy to do but it brings us to a very peaceful place inside. That peace is always there of course... just finding it new again and again, that is the key.
Rita M
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UAU in peace thanks for your peace gentleness and kindness.
with love rita
Elizabeth S
Thank you so much for sharing this practice, Patricia. I needed to be held today in this peace.
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