Practice with Patricia: Shiva & Shakti: Love & Longing<br>Patricia Sullivan

Practice with Patricia: Shiva & Shakti: Love & Longing
Patricia Sullivan

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Patricia Sullivan
You are so welcome, and may the benefits radiate to all beings. Love,P
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
Lovely practice. Very centering. Thank you.
Patricia Sullivan
Tesa, I'm glad you found this practice so centering. Thanks for tuning in and taking it in.
Anastasia B
Dear Pat I love to look to your classes for inspiration, the first time I used your outline my students didn't want to leave. Thank you for this beautiful give.
Patricia Sullivan
I'm so pleased Anastasia, that you find inspiration in my classes. Thank you for practicing with me and then passing along what you learn to others. That's what we're here for! Love...
Vivian U
This was a wonderful session and I so appreciate your calm, easy presence. Thank you Patricia!
Patricia Sullivan
Thank you Vivian, I hope you'll find this useful in teaching if you are a teacher. Otherwise, if it's just for you, how perfect. Thanks for touching in.
Brittany A
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Thank you, Patricia. This offering soothed me wonderfully this morning.
Patricia Sullivan
So happy to hear you found this practice so soothing for you. It's one of my favorites for calming and clearing and that feeling of belonging to myself and the universe. Thanks for touching in, love
Donna R
Thank you Patricia!! I love your practices and this one was truly incredible! It truly took me to another place. I love your method of teaching as well and especially your focus on joints., etc that need special attention while posing. So glad I found you!! Thank you!!!! Donna Ricci
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