45 Minute Yoga Flows: Cleansing Flow
Dana Slamp

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You’re welcome Krishna Thabk you!
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The cue to cross the shins to help with a jump through made that movement fun and pleasant. That's been a challenge for me. Thanks for playing the harmonium and chanting. It was a lovely experience.
Hey Alyson - So glad that note helped you out! It gets easier the more you try. Happy practicing - I'll keep bringing a lil' harmonium in all these flows. Warmly, Dana
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Really lovely sequence! I really got to move with energy, and then, find a slow flow to the final chant. Thank you, Dana: )
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Perfect! Glad it served you, Kate!
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Thank you so much! I loved it ! Especially the "LET...GO" I unexpectedly  started crying and crying, feeling the letting go! I didn't expect that. Thank you  :) Namaste
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Thanks for sharing, Alysia.  That’s a good sign that it worked. I imagine that from now on it may be less emotional to practice the sequence after a good release. I hope you get lots of water and rest and feel refreshed!  Warmly, Dana
This was a fun class. It was a nice amount of heat, thank you!
You’re very welcome, Staci. Stay safe and healthy!
I loved you cleansing that felt and then to fill with peace at the end. Thank you. Namaste
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