45 Minute Yoga Flows: Cleansing Flow<br>Dana Slamp

45 Minute Yoga Flows: Cleansing Flow
Dana Slamp

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Dana Slamp
You’re so welcome, Renee! Stay safe and well.  Warmly, Dana
Gabriel W
lovely practice. thank you
Dana Slamp
Hey Gabriel - happy you could make it to the mat, and you're very welcome!
Du T
This practice felt so fast for me, I took one inhalation and one exhalation for every three guided… felt very rushed - was that the intention? Sorry for asking!
Dana Slamp
Du T  No problem at all. We can use the pace to build up heat to cleanse like this, but what I love here is that you followed your breath and gave yourself time to exhale.  The exhale is cleansing too! Thanks for practicing, and maybe see if you prefer a slow flow - which is also vinyasa of course. Thanks again
Carmen S.
me encanto esta clase, gracias Dana
David G-
Hi Dana: 

I was so happy to have the music again. Just such a powerful way to end the practice, and work on harmony as well. 

I felt like a beginner once we ventured into the balance and squat poses, but the standing flows were wonderfully brisk. I felt carried away into deeper stretches as well. Momentum will do that. 

Such good feelings after this! Loved the "putting on the armor" in warrior and "heat is cleansing" was an epiphany/puzzle piece. 

Da vid 

Dana Slamp
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David G- Thanks for practicing with me  and sharing what works with us!  Wishing you the best, Dana
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