Welcome to Yoga: Bearing Our Own Weight<br>Kira Sloane

Welcome to Yoga: Bearing Our Own Weight
Kira Sloane

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Dana T
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Really appreciate Kira's gentle way of expressing how to move into the beginning poses. Just returning to teaching yoga after taking a year off, I love teaching beginners and seniors, Kira's teaching method is inspirational to me, Thank you!
Kira Sloane
Dana, love. Welcome back to teaching! xo kira
Ana N
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Thanks Kira! I love the idea of offering the benefits of the practice to someone.
Kira Sloane
Ana, must see you again soon.
Lizzy R
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Thank you. I really adore your teaching style--kind & nurturing, playful & light, subtle & engaging, present & alive in the moment, non-condescending and non-boring! Yay! Thanks again.
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
Thank you sweet Kira. Always love your classes and energy. I so look forward to meeting you in one of your classes or the crib someday:) xo
Kira Sloane
Tesa, I feel the same way! I will get to see Angel out here in Ojai in less than a month! xok
Ali DeVeny
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Thank you Kira for bringing yoga back into my life. You are the calm that starts my day.
Kira Sloane
Happy to be here together, Ali. xok
Madeleine F
I love this show. I'm brand new to yoga, and this moves at a perfect pace for me. Also, I love your leggings! :)
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