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Kira Sloane

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I've been gone too long! Love Kira's energy and vocabulary, ie, "shmuggle." Such a gentle and nonjudgemental way to approach yoga and life.... Always puts a smile on my face and in my heart:) Thank you!!!
Welcome back, Tesa. Nice to be together again. xok
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Soothing for me today. So happy for the opportunity to touch in to your gentle heart Kira!
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Much wisdom! Thanks and Namaste!
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Really helpful to feel the shoulder and shoulder blade position for chaturanga while standing vertical. Love the word, "schnuggle." Thanks for the perfect class for today.
Dearest Lizzy, so glad that helped! Happy to be here together. xok
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As always Kira.. you start my morning off beautifully. Thank you for your light and love!
Kira _ Starting a new teaching job today ( spec ed high school) and I am so lucky to have been able to follow this porctice before I got ready for my day.. or shall I say this got me ready for my day. Can you recomend any other shows on Yoga Anytime for those of us in the begginer range that still lack much flex in our body?? Not sure what other shows or yogis to watch. Thanks
Hi there Ali! Happy New Year!

Season 2 of this show will be launching soon.
Meanwhile, you might drop in with:

Kelly's Practical Magic Show:
//www.yogaanytime.com/show-vi ew/69/Yoga-Show-Practical-Magic

He idi's Season 4 of Asana Studies
//www.yogaanytime.com/show- season/620/Yoga-Asana-Studies-Seaso n-4-Heidi-Fokine

Devon's Season 4 of Inner Workings
//www.yogaanytime.com/show -season/1449/Yoga-Inner-Workings-Se ason-4

Robert has a handful of Level 1 practices that you might like:
//www.yogaanytime.com/show-vi ew/75/Yoga-Show-Keepin-it-Real

Als o, Jules Mitchell's practices in Season 2 of Asana Studies are very cool:
//www.yogaanytime.com/show-se ason/1031/Yoga-Anatomy-for-Yogis-Se ason-2-Jules-Mitchell

Goodness! I really love all our teachers don't I? Let me know where you are finding a match so I can guide you better!


Kira. Enjoy the practice. Especially the stretchs all over the body so so good, wonderful!
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